Organization Profile

Hope Kolkata Foundation

Origin: Hope Kolkata Foundation (HKF) was established in February 1999 for the protection and development of children on the streets and in difficult circumstances. HOPE works for all round development of children by providing Shelter, Nutrition, Education, Medical and Health care, Counseling, Awareness Generation, Life Skill training & Sports Activities.

Vision: A World where it should never hurt to be a child. Restoring childhoods to children and sustainability to individual and communities.

Mission: To give Holistic care and development of underprivileged children / persons in India in order to ensure their rights. To ensure the quality of life & human rights of the most vulnerable people in Kolkata and Suburbs.

Our strategic objectives:

  • Ensuring the rights of the children.
  • Ensuring quality of life for the most vulnerable and neglected sections of society.
  • Empowering women through social and economic development.
  • Supporting local institutions working for underprivileged children and families by providing technical assistance,
    up-skilling and capacity building.
  • Sensitizing the local government to issues surrounding the health, education and protection needs of impoverished communities and developing effective relationships between communities and government agencies at different levels for long-term project effectiveness and sustainability.

HKF has been working with the under privileged and vulnerable children for more than 24 years. The target children fall under the category of street & slum dwellers; working children, children of sex workers, child beggars, orphan and abandoned children, trafficked and missing children.

Present areas of work:

  • Holistic Education Project in North, South Kolkata and Howrah
  • Three Protection Homes for Girls for 6 years to 18 years
  • Two Protection Homes for Boys for 6 years to 18 years
  • One Protection Homes for Mother and Child.
  • One Girls Crisis Center
  • One Boys Crisis Center
  • One Rehabilitation home for addicted children
  • Hope Hospital for the less privileged with OPD / 36 beds IPD / ICU / OT / Pharmacy
  • Life Skills Training Institute with Food & Beverage Unit, Garment Construction & Tailoring Unit, Computer Unit, Beautician Training Unit
  • Child Watch Programme with Night Patrolling
  • Naboasha Programme – Centers for street children in 4 wards

HFK has outreached their support and services to over 48,000 children and 800,029 community members. The organization is accredited under Credibility Alliance, New Delhi, for Good Governance and has won many awards and citations for its exemplary work over the years.

Hope Kolkata Foundation is the implementation arm of The Hope Foundation (Hope), an Irish Charity headquartered in Cork with offices in UK, Germany and the USA.

Governance Structure

The Secretary, HKF reports to the Governing Board who answers to the general member. The Secretary is responsible for day-to-day running of the organization. Under his are Programme Managers, Managers and Coordinators.

HKF runs programmes in Protection, Community Health care, Education, Livelihood Skills development, Administration & Accounts, as well as a Hospital. Under each programme, Programme Managers and Coordinators are responsible for managing the project, adhering to objectives and guidelines. They also network with stakeholders and monitor the progress of the programme.

Under each programme, there are up to 6 tiers of employees, including social workers, caregivers, housekeepers, tutors, teachers, counselors, and health & community workers. Administration & Accounts report directly to the Secretary. Accounts are audited by external auditor. Under the Hospital Advisory Board are Medical Directors, doctors and their support staff, and the Hospital Administration Department.

Board Composition

The Board of Hope Kolkata Foundation consists of persons from diverse backgrounds, each of whom brings their experience and valuable insights to the forum.

  • Mr. Joy Kar, President is a Business Consultant
  • Mr. Sachidananda Das, Secretary is a Financial Expert
  • Mr. Samiran Mallick, Treasurer, is in service
  • Dr. Ujjwal Kanti Debnath, Vice-President is a Consultant Orthopedic & Spinal Surgeon
  • Dr. Sheila Banerjee, Member is a Psychiatrist
  • Mr. Surya Saha, Member is in service
  • Ms. Pushpa Basu, Member

The Board of Directors meet every quarter, officially notified through prior notice of letter on a fixed date, venue and time for sharing the quarterly activities, reports, notices and events to be shared etc. Attendances of all Board members are mandatory.

Staff Details

Salary of 3 Highest Paid staff members 174150/-, 66759/-, 55000/- Yes
Lowest Paid 8,800/- Yes

Details of staff members who have received remuneration/Reimbursement

Consultant - Full Time 74
Consultant - Part Time 80
Contractual - Full Time 209
Total 363
  • Street & Slum Children
  • Child Labour
  • Children of Sex Workers
  • Child Beggars
  • Homeless Children and People
  • Female Children
  • Children and people from disadvantaged communities
  • Children with HIV/AIDS
  • Ensuring the rights of the children
  • Ensuring quality of life for the most vulnerable sections of society.
  • Empowering women through social and economic development.
  • Supporting local institutions working for underprivileged children and families by providing technical assistance and capacity building support.
  • Sensitizing the local government to issues surrounding the health, education and protection needs of impoverished communities and developing effective relationships between local communities and government agencies at different levels.

Our Values

Hope Kolkata Foundation (HKF) is committed to providing sustainable development for the underprivileged and vulnerable members of the population with special focus on children and persons living in difficult circumstances by acting as a facilitator through community development providing education, vocational training, health awareness and service, shelter, nutrition counseling, recreation, rescue and rehabilitation, repatriation awareness on rights, emergency relief, capacity building, fundraising, socio-economic, cultural and spiritual development regardless of race, sex, religion or politics to achieve goals.

The Hope Kolkata Foundation is Funded by The Hope Foundation Ireland.

Our core values

  • We celebrate the potentials of all children.
  • We believe in a rights based approach to development.
  • We are committed to social justice.
  • We believe in being accountable and transparent to all donors and sponsors.
  • We are committed to empowerment as a tool to break the cycle of deprivation.
Accountability & Transparency:

We recognize our responsibility to donors, sponsors and fundraisers who support us and are committed to good governance. We equally recognize our responsibility to those whom we support and take the responsibility of achieving results for effective programme delivery, providing positive and sustainable impacts.

Innovation & Creativity :

We are open to accept and develop new ideas and believe in systematic change for sustainable solutions.

Integrity :

We aspire to the highest standards of honesty and encourage critical thinking for further development. We never compromise on quality and act in the best interests of those with whom we work, with a special focus on child-centered policies and practices.

Collaboration :

With communities at our core, we believe in building and fostering partnerships at different levels, in order to leverage regional and global strength for sustainable development.

  • Supporting Residential Care for mentally challenged children
  • Supporting Primary & Secondary level School cum Boarding for Street Children
  • Setting up Home for homeless
  • Fundraising for Education and Health Sponsorship


Maureen Forrest

Firstly I want to thank you most sincerely for your incredible generosity in supporting the work of The Hope Foundation over the past fifteen years. Our Charities in Ireland have been going through a particularly hard time for all the wrong reasons. Just when we thought we were coming through the recession where individuals, families and companies alike were desperately trying to claw their way out of recession, we have been assailed by a crises of confidence in the entire charity sector. People are angry and rightly so having always donated to Charities so generously and those of us who are committed to the highest levels of International best practice in Governance are angry.

At the end of the day the people who will suffer as a result of this fallout are the most vulnerable in our global society – those who need us most: the children, the homeless, the old, the sick, the poor and the most underprivileged. I would like to take this opportunity to give key governance information on The Hope Foundation. I do not take a salary, I am not saying that all people in the charity sector should not take a salary; this is something that I choose to do. I feel that people are entitled to a fair salary. We are a fully subscribed member of the ICTR, Dochas, Comhlamh, The Wheel and Credibility Alliance, ensuring full transparency, accountability and adherence to good governance and best practice. These organizations ensure that we are supported in keeping up to date on all our Policies and Procedures.

Our audited accounts are available on our website using the SORP system as part of the recommended account keeping procedure, along with our annual reports. We continue to be committed to keeping our administration costs as a low as possible and we rely on the generosity of a number of pro-bono service providers. We recognize our responsibility to you the donors, sponsors, our many visitors to India, school students, volunteers and our many fundraisers who have supported HOPE so generously over the past years.

Throughout the terrible difficulties of the past years of recession, we have succeeded in honoring all our commitments to the streets and slum dwellers and the children that we had committed to help. This could not have been done without your wonderful generosity and loyalty, of that of our volunteers and our amazing staff both in Ireland, India and UK who give tirelessly of their time. I thank you almost sincerely and I ask you for your continued support, the children that we help do not have anybody else to call on, we are their only lifeline to survival.

Every Blessing and good wishes.

Maureen Forrest
(Founder & Honorary Director)


Jenny Browne

Today The Hope Kolkata Foundation runs a wide network of services to extend support to thousands of children and families living in extreme poverty. Initially it focused on Child protection and its target area was children from the street and slum areas. The organization has expanded its focus to address the health, livelihood and education and needs of the communities. No time was lost over the past ten years to ensure that children do not continue to pay a huge price for society's absorbance in itself. Everyone has a gift to bring to our world and we must struggle so that everyone finds his or her unique way to deliver it. Over the years many young people have and are contributing back to society in hugely positive ways. Their dreams are no longer shattered but have become a reality.

To have achieved so much in such a short space of time is testament to the persistence and dedication of Hope Kolkata's staff, under the Directorship of Geeta and the ongoing support from the Branch office staff. The driving force and commitment of Maureen Forrest and the HOPE team in Ireland makes it all possible. Our sincere gratitude to the many overseas and local donors, visitors, and volunteers who help by their incredible generosity and support. I realize how important the help, understanding and courage of so many people has been in overcoming challenges and expecting the best from ourselves and the children. The children have enriched all of our lives and for which we are very grateful.

"God sends each person into this world With a special message to deliver, With a special song to sing, With a special act of love to bestow." - John Powell

The following letter is a special message from one of the girls in the Hope Home -

"The word 'hope' means dreams and these dreams do come true. It is a place to have dreams and fulfill it. We all stay here, it is like our house. We have our house mothers and house fathers, who give us love, support, care and many things which a child needs to grow. From the age of very small to 18 or 22 we stay here. We all love it very much. We have all age group children and everyone goes to school like some go to Loreto Convent Entally, Modern Public, Blooming bud, Saraswati Bidha Bhavan etc. Some children stay in hostel like St. Ninians, Mass Education, Bijoy bhumi and many other hostel, except for education we learn many other things like dancing, singing, swimming, Karate etc. We also learn to stitch and do handcraft. Few children are there who do beauticians course. We are very proud to be here, and see such good people around us who guide us so much. This is a place where we can express our feelings. We all stay together. Staying together gives us the skill of cooperation. It helps us to develop leadership and also to become self dependent. We all have fun, we go out for weekends. We went to many places on summer vacation for tour - Shimla, Kalingpong, Gantak, Dega, Puti etc. We have different religions here and all are from different religions. We celebrate all festivals, this helps us to respect each beings. We also meet our parents, aunties and uncles once a week. We feel very happy. We eat very nice and healthy food that our house mothers prepare for us. They do a lot of good and hard work for us. We have 2 girls homes and I boys. Girls who are less than 13 stay in Kasba home and the rest stay in Panditya. There is a time for all of us to go to the hostel, this system helps more and more children. We love to be here and we also thank God for everything he has given us and we promise this that we all had a dream he will fulfill it and grow us a good human being and also to be the future leaders of the world. This is all we had to say about my sweet hope."

My experience in HOPE has led me to conclude that the real miracle is this - the more we share the more we have.

Jenny Browne
Overseas Director


Geeta Venkadakrishnan

Dear Friends, Social Change is constant, continuous, unavoidable and inevitable. Social transformation is the result of positive actions to improve the environment in which marginalised / afflicted / affected are assisted to progress. Hope Kolkata Foundation is a Change Maker and the communities which benefit are change recipients. The organization has successfully completed its eighteen year and we are very much proud to share our impacts created and changes achieved in the lives of forty eight thousand children and eight lacks twenty nine population, through Education, Health, Care and Protection, Vocational Skill based programs and emergency services covering 34 wards in Kolkata and Howrah in West Bengal.

HOPE continues to see change among children, who were illiterates, run always, abused, exploited, denied of their fundamental rights and who got transformed to become educated, skilled, employed, independent, self-reliant, contributing to their families and communities.

We have enabled youth who would have been rag pickers, unskilled labour, into addiction and out of school etc, now into university graduates, skilled professionals, lucratively employed, and capable of taking care of their family in a positive path.

HOPE is being committed to things that we can change and to areas where we can make difference as Mahatama Gandhi said “We must be the change we wish to see". Our on-going commitment to Health, Education, Protection, Skill enhancement programme is paramount in breaking the cycle of poverty.

We have being firm in pursuing our values, recognizing our short comings and we have been open to new learning and experiences from the communities and our supporting partners with whom we work with. Our achievements are shared in the annual report every year.

The organization is grateful to The Hope Foundation Ireland for the continuous support since the inception for the needy children and people in Kolkata, India. The organization would like to express gratitude to the community we serve as well as to individuals, other network organization and donors–The Hope Foundation UK & Germany, Irish Aid, Vital for Children, Bekind Ireland, Lotus Child, Frobel, Sky Children Onlus, G2B Foundation, Butterflies, Porticus, Volunteers, Friends of Hope, HSBC, Komatsu, CESC, Blue Dart, and other Corporates, Schools, Colleges and Government Institutions. I would like to thank individuals, staff and Board members for the dedication towards the organization.

Together we ensuring that positive changes is possible by giving HOPE to the most needy children and people in our society.

Geeta Venkadakrishnan

Our Board Members

This is to certify that the board members for the Financial Year 2020-2021 are as follows:

1. Mr. Joy Kar Flat F-4, Regent Grove Apartments, 163/1 N.S.C. Bose Road, Kolkata - 700040 President Business 15.09.1999 Indian
2. Mr. Sachidananda Das 14/6 Ostad Amir Khan Sarani Haridevpur Kolkata - 700082 Secretary Service 15.12.2016 Indian
3. Mr. Samiran Mallik Fl-2D,2E Victoria Appt. Kaikhali Chiriamore, Daspara, Airport, Kolkata - 700052 Treasurer Service 15.12.2016 Indian
4. Mr. Ujjwal Kanti Debnath 10/1D, Swinhoe Street, Kolkata - 700019 Vice-President Doctor 11.04.2012 Indian
5. Ms. Sheila Banerjee Flat No 3A, Roma Apartment 472 Dum Dum Park Kolkata – 700055 Member Psychologist 15.09.1999 Indian
6. Mr. Surya Narayan Saha 331/4, Sector-3, Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata - 700106 Member Service 09.12.2019 Indian
7. Pushpa Basu Titagarh, Shib Mandir, Bidhan Pally, House No.3, 24 Pgs (N) Member Social Worker 02.08.2021 Indian

None of the Hope Kolkata Foundation Board members are related by Blood or marriage. Hope Kolkata Foundation holds 4 Nos. of Board Meetings suitable spaced in each Financial Year.

Transparency Disclosures

  • No travel reimbursement is made to board members, attending board meetings and other office meetings. No remuneration is paid per month.
  • The National travel by the staff during the year is made for the purpose of Restoration.
  • Details of the board members who have received remuneration / reimbursement during the last financial year: One board member Mr. Samiran Mallik working as the CEO of Hope Hospital gets remuneration per month for his services.

Friends of Hope Advisory / Cultural and Communication Board Committee

  • Mr. Biswajit Mitra
  • Mrs. Sonali Mitra
  • Mrs. Soumi Gupta Banerjee
  • Mr. Barun Chanda
  • Ms. Sharmila Dey
  • Mrs. Ruchi Jalan
None of the Hope Kolkata Foundation Board Members are related by blood or marriage. Hope Kolkata Foundation held four board meetings, spaced suitably around the year 2022-2023