The Mother and Child Care Unit is a short-stay home that provides safe shelter to mothers and their children. Since its establishment in 2010, it has protected mothers living on the streets, pavements, and platforms of Kolkata, who have been abandoned or were compelled to leave their families following incidents of domestic violence and have no one to care for them. The unit is located is located at 868, Madurdaha Road Kolkata - 700107 and offers residential care centre to support homeless and impoverished mothers with their children and ensure their holistic care, development and protection.

Along with care and shelter the Programme also addressing and promotes women empowerment and their financial self – sufficiency through knowledge and skill buildings, small scale vocational training; psychosocial support and treatment.

The Programme offers:

  • Access to temporary safe shelter for homeless and distress mothers with their children
  • Improved psychological wellbeing of mothers and children
  • Children of 4-6 years will have access to early childhood education and formal schooling.
  • Mothers to acquire independent living skills and improved their parenting and other life skills.
  • Access available resources to ensure their social and financial security