Child Watch provides care in a holistic manner, primarily focusing on the protection of vulnerable children and building a strong bond between communities and education, protection and healthcare systems.

Total number of beneficiaries (Girls and Boys) Budget (Rs.) Supported By
596   The Hope Foundation

Child Watch ensures that no child in the age group of 6 to 14 years is denied admission to formal school following the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009. The project works with shop keepers and other employers of child labor to prevent the recruitment of child labour and selling of addictive substances to children. Child Watch works with the parents, especially fathers, to increase their involvement in their children’s lives and encouraging children to attend school. Rescue, rehabilitation and repatriation are also done by the project as needed.
This year, like other parts of the world, Kolkata has been highly affected by Covid-19. During lockdown, families living on the street lost their jobs and struggled to provide enough food for their families. The project activities were withheld from April to June 2020 and the Child Watch staff joined the HOPE Emergency Response Team to distribute relief materials to the community. However, the team maintained in contact with the Community Group Members, the children and their families throughout the pandemic and provided necessary support. The project activities resumed from July 2020, but mobility and gathering crowds for meetings was restricted as per Government rules.

  • 42 out of school children from 27 families were identified through a virtual survey and 98 home visits carried out by Social Worker in 9 working areas.
  • 10 Community Watch Groups were motivated by the social workers in all the working areas to provide a safety net for the children.
  • 10 meetings were conducted with Child Vigilance Group members to enrol the identified children in school.
  • 7 children in need of care and protection were produced before the Child Welfare Committee who issued protective orders to place the children in protection homes.
  • 29 out of 42 children were linked with remedial supports provided by other organizations such as Cathedral Relief Service.
  • The Community Watch Groups interacted with 13 single parents to mobilise them to take responsibility of their children’s education.
  • 4 networking visits were done with the councilors of Wards 20, 47 and 75 regarding social entitlements and protection issues.
  • 16 awareness sessions were conducted throughout the year.
  • 17 child labor cases were identified and 17 child labor cases were stopped with initiative taken from the members of Community Watch Groups and Child Watch Team.

 Success Stories

The Child Watch social workers provided social counselling to the three children - Chintu, Mintu and Pintu who lost their father to covid last year protection and education. The children were produced before the Child Welfare Committee of Kolkata and placed in HOPE's Crisis Intervention Centre. Chintu is now enrolled in Class VI in a Government School and Mintu is in Class III. Pintu is in Class II. They are safe and support to ensure their holistic development.

Suraj, (name changed) is 12 years old and lived near a railway track with his mother. His father passed away 6 years ago. Suraj studied in Class V but due to Covid-19, the schools were closed. The school did not provide online class and Suraj did not receive education support from his school. He became addicted to substances and worked in local shops. The Child Watch social worker contacted the local police station and lodged a General Diary. Suraj was produced before the Child Welfare Committee and placed in HOPE’s Punorjibon Home for detoxification and rehabilitation.

Summary of Annual Activity

Children enrolled in the formal education 42
Children enrolled in vocational skill training 5
Children with single parents, staying with families by mobilizing resources 13
Children in need of care and protection and staying at hostel/boarding school 14
Children referred for medical treatment to government/non-government hospital/Night Round Medical Unit 44
Child labour identified and stopped 17
Cases of child marriage identified and intervened 1
Children with addiction identified and detoxified 4
Assisted to get Birth Certificate/ Affidavit 5
Assisted to get Aadhaar Card 2
Children in Child Vigilance Group 74
Adults referred to Government / Non-Government Hospital/ Night Round for medical treatment 21
Assisted to get Ration Card 38
Assisted to open Bank Account 23
Assisted to get Aadhaar Card 1
Assisted to get PAN Card 25
Assisted to get Rastriya Health Card 158
Voter Card 24