Protection Shelter Care

Our Protection Homes directly benefit abandoned children; runaways, orphans, victims of child trafficking, children of sex workers and at risk street and slum children.

As per the Juvenile Justice Act, children are produced before the Child welfare Committee and placed at an appropriate HOPE shelter after obtaining formal approval. All the HOPE protection homes are licensed by Directorate of Social Welfare, Government of West Bengal.


What We Do

  • Yearly excursions.
  • Birthdays, festivals and other events are celebrated.
  • Life skills training and awareness on child rights.
  • Employment skills training and Job placement.
  • Family empowerment support such as livelihood, medical support for guardians and educational sponsorship for siblings.
  • Integration in Family.
  • 24 hour protection in a family environment with love and care.
  • Access to formal school education and guidance support.
  • Nutritious meals.
  • Health care.
  • Counseling support for both the children and Staff.
  • Recreational and cultural activities including dance, music, drawing/painting, violin, karate and swimming.
Ashar Alo Girls’ Home 64 6 years to 18 years
Kasba Girls’ Home 57 6 years to 13 years
Ashirbad Boys’ Home 82 6 years to 18 years
Bekind Boys’ Home 20 5 years to 10 years
Punarjiban Rehabilitation home for Boys 53 6 years to 18 years
Crisis Intervention Center for Female 23 6 years to 18 years
Crisis Intervention Center for Male 37 6 years to 18 years
Mother and Child Care Unit 28  

Ashar Alo Girl's Home

64 girls of the age group 6-18 years have been supported through Ashar Alo Girls’ Home for their holistic growth and development.



During the year (April 2020 – March 2021), 32 in house girls and 12 home based are enlisted in mainstream school. 44 Girls in the project receiving formal education from regular school, college and open schools affiliated to West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE), West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE), Indian Certificate Secondary Education (ICSE) and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), University of Calcutta, Indian Institute of Hotel Management and National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) respectively.

Recreational Rights:

This year altogether 63 recreational activities have been conducted, such as arranging cultural events, celebration of festivities, online dance-music and drawing competition, exhibitions etc. These have improved the participation, co-curricular skills of the children.

Accessing Government Schemes:

Girls received voter i-cards, ration cards, Swasthya Sathi cards, 2 Home Based girls have been linked with Oasis Scheme and got Scheduled Caste Educational Stipend, 6 In-house girls who will be appearing in Higher Secondary Board Examination got mobiles for attending online classes with their schools under West Bengal Tab Scheme etc.

Overall Growth:

Improved educational level, psychological & emotional status, physical health status and extra-curricular skills of the children.


 Success Stories

Pratima: After being placed in Kasba Home primary intervention was ensured. She was provided with nutrition, health treatment, recreational and co-curricular skill support. She had gone through several counseling sessions to reacquire her self esteem and confidence. This year, Protima successfully passed Secondary Level Board Examination in the year 2019 and promoted to Class XI and took admission at Kasba Jagadish Vidyapith for Girls’.

Jannat Khatun: Jannat was placed in Kasba Girls Home. She was 10 years old when she placed in Kasba. Two years later she was shifted and placed in Ashar Alo. Jannat successfully passed Secondary Level Board Examination in the year 2019 and promoted to Class XI and took admission at Kasba Jagadish Vidyapith for Girls’. She is highly ambitious to do her higher studies in fashion designing and want to her make own identity in society as well as supports her family.

Kasba Girls Home

Altogether 57 girls have been supported by the Kasba Girls Home for their holistic growth and development.


Education: 57 children are going to different formal school according to their level of merit. However the mode of their education during the year has been changed drastically due to the Pandemic of COVID 19. Every school have conducted online classes for the children and the in house girls have attended their online schools divided into groups as per their classes. The classes of Private tuition in Kasba home were conducted in online mode during the month of March to June 2020.

Recreational Rights: Throughout the year 50 recreational activities have been conducted in Kasba Girls Home. The UDAAN team of Kasba developed a video regarding an awareness of Corona Virus. The song and its lyrics has been made by the Music Teacher of UDAAN, Mr. Joy Shankar and the girls sang the song to generate awareness regarding Covid 19, Handcraft class, Art and craft session, Dance session, Elocution session was organised online by Oxford University Press during the month of May and June at the lockdown period etc.

Accessing Government Schemes: 20 girls enlisted under the Swasthya Sathi Scheme and they received the Health Card. 6 girls have been enlisted under the Kannyasree Scheme. During the project period, 1 girl named Fula Banerjee, opened her Saving Bank Account in nationalized bank named Bank of Baroda. This year one girl Tamasharekha Dey Tahabildar got her Ration Card.

Overall Growth: Improved educational level, psychological & emotional status, physical health status and extra-curricular skills of the children.


 Success Stories

Kalki: Kalki, who lost her father to Aila in 2009, was placed in Kasba Girls’ Home for her care, protection and ensure the right to Survival, Development and Education. At present Kalki is studying in class VII. Now she is very much able to remember her studies, be able to write paragraphs and letters from herself, her thinking power has been improved. She is enjoying Computer and spoken English classes. Now she wants to do something in life and move forward to fulfill her dreams.

Nayra Singh: When she first came to Kasba Girls Home she was given counselling. With proper guidance and care, Nayra came out of her isolated traumatised self. She was provided with nutritious food so that her health status can improve. Presently Nayra is appearing for Madhyamik 2021.She was restored in February 2021 to her family with the desire of her parents from Kasba Girls Home under Hope Kolkata Foundation.

Ashirbad Boys Home

82 boys of the age group 6-18 years have been supported in Ashirbad Boys Home for their holistic growth and development of which 47 boys are receiving in-home facilities.


Education: During this reporting period, among 47 children, 40 children are receiving formal education and 6 new children and Ripon Molla are getting non-formal education support. Out of 40 children 28 children are attending online class and 11 children those are studying into class-IX to Class-XII they are physically attain school from the month of February. And 41 boys are regularly attending private tuition classes.

Recreational Rights: Altogether 333 recreational activities have been conducted during the year. Due to COVID 19 pandemic boys have been stayed in the Ashirbaad home and thus the boys have been engaged in more recreational and creative activities to utilise their time productively.

Accessing Government Schemes: The boys received AAdhaar Cards, Birth Certificates and Sasthya Sathi Cards. Along with these, 9 families have also been linked with the social security schemes and entitlements. Through our Advocacy with the Govt. Stake Holder 9 families received ration from Local Panchayat, with the help of Child Line Rahul Chainik and Jabir Ali Brother’s child receiving baby food.

Overall Growth: Improved educational level, psychological & emotional status, physical health status and extra-curricular skills of the children.


 Success Stories

Abdul Abdul was living with his mother and siblings at pavement of Kolkata until he was rescued and supported with shelter, protection and nutrition in the home which was very essential for the child for his holistic development by HOPE Kolkata Foundation. Now he is studying in A. K. Ghosh Memorial School. He got 78% marks in last educational session and promoted to class VIII. Now his family’s condition is stable and they are staying happily among themselves. They are staying in a rented house.

Sayanjit Sayanjit was living with his mother and two older brothers at slum area of Kolkata. Sayanjit was rescued by social worker of Hope Kolkata Foundation and was produced before Child Welfare Committee. He has received Life skill training on Communication, Decision making, Copping with emotion and stress. Now he is studying in class VIII in the A.K. Ghosh Memorial School. In the last academic session he got 80% marks in last educational session.

Bekind Boys Home

26 boys of age group 6-18 years are supported of which 23 boys in need of care and protection are staying in Bekind Boys Home and 3 boys are under the safe custody of his family and receiving home-based education support to continue his education.


Education: 23 in house boys are attending online classes on a daily basis and supplementary education supports have been provided to the boys by the private tutors to improve their school performance and ensure their retention in education. During the lockdown period, the boys attended their private tuition classes online and in new normal children are doing their classes physically.

Recreational Rights: Due to COVID-19 lockdown, the boys arranged and participated in 116 indoor recreational activities which include competitions in drawing, carom, chess, dance, cultural programme, yoga session, Swaraswati puja etc. The boys participated in various indoor events organised by the District Child Protection Unit such as poster making & slogan writing competition, birthday celebration of the children etc. Apart from these, the boys celebrated birthdays of eminent personalities and religious celebrations.

Accessing Government Schemes: During the lockdown, 12 families were provided with groceries and sanitization items for free by Hope Kolkata Foundation. Specifically, 3 families were merged with the Amphan Relief Centre and received free ration for the last 6 months. Two families have merged with “Swastha Sathi” health insurance scheme where they can avail medical insurance up to 5 lacks INR. Savings Bank account in nationalise bank have opened for 6 boys and 4 children who did not have their any of the entitlements were merged with Aadhar card which is one of the photo identity proofs of Indian citizen.

Improved educational level, psychological & emotional status, physical health status and extra-curricular skills of the children.


 Success Stories

Afsar (name changed): Afsar lived with his grandparent and father in a hut at Sealdah and was neglected and deprived from his basic rights. Afsar was placed in Bekind Boys Home to secure his rights and have access to it for his holistic development and growth. With the help of counseling sessions he became more confident and shared positive approach towards environment after step parent’s acceptance and started improving academically. Afsar has restored in his family. He stays with his parents and siblings happily. Socio economic condition of the family has increased.

Akash (name changed): Akash, who lived with his gradmother and hi mother, lost both of them at an early age. He along with his sibling was rescued by Kolkata Police and was placed in Bekind Boys’ Home for holistic growth. After being placed in the Bekind Boys Home he was provided with life skill training so that he can lead his daily life accordingly. He was admitted in English medium school. Akash has successfully promoted to class-III. He is very active child. He loves to play games and solve puzzles in his leisure time .He is attached to his sister. He is now more stable and understands emotional conflicts.


53 boys of the age group 6-18 years have been placed in this protection home of which 23 boys are staying in Punarjiban boys home, 24 boys are staying with their families and receiving home based support, 1 boy shifted in Bekind Boys Home, 4 boys have stopped taking support from the project and 1 boy after completing his 18 years has been shifted to Halfway Home for his further care and protection.


Education: Currently out of 23 in house boys 11 boys are studying in Formal School based on their intellectual capabilities and last academic achievement. The boys are enrolled in schools affiliated by the West Bengal Board of Secondary education (WBBSE) and West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE).

Recreational Rights: During the year altogether 364 recreational activities took place and 44 in house boys has taken part in different recreational activities like taking part in carom competition, taking part in Fathers` Day celebration, birthday celebration, football coaching, World Environment Day celebration , Taking part in drawing competition among in house boys , taking part in quiz competition , taking part in independence day celebration etc.

Accessing Government Schemes: Saving s bank account at the UCO bank has been opened for the boys, 8 boys who are enrolled in Govt. school receiving mid day meal in the form of ration during this COVID 19 situation and 6 families of home based and in house boys have been supported with the relief materials like food stuffs and tarpaulin for shed during Amphan storm and during lockdown.

Overall Growth: Improved educational level, psychological & emotional status, physical health status and extra-curricular skills of the children.


 Success Stories

Abhijit: Abhijit used to live in footpath of Kalighat with his family before being rescued by the Child Watch project of HOPE Kolkata Foundation. He was rescued and was produced before the statutory child welfare committee of Kolkata for his treatment and rehabilitation. He was admitted Punarjiban Boy’s Home in February 2020. He is highly intelligent and he expressed his desire to go to school. Now he is under non-formal education at Punarjiban home and he is developing his reading and writing skills.

Nimai: 15 years old Nimai was a dope-fiend; firstly he had been sent for detoxification. After being admitted at Punarjibon it has found that he has an intense craving for parental care. After few counselling session his behavioural problems had been resolved. He was also found with extreme deficiency of proper nutrition and provided with shelter, nutrition and care. After few months Nimai was detected with Hepatitis-C, and his intense care and treatment has started. He is now under medication. . Now he leads the joyful life with his biological family. His family members are joyfully accepting their most craving reunion.

Half Way Home

7 boys above 18 years are living in the Half Way Home and are working in Photography, Restaurant, Laundry and as Driver. 4 Girls placed in another organization are receiving formal education and one girl has being repatriated to her family.


Counseling: It becomes difficult for children at the rehabilitation centers and counseling becomes an integral part. Boys were provided individual and group counseling session.

Life skills Training: Along with education, other skills are also needed to deal with the hardships of life. Boys were provided life skills training and job placement.

Annual Excursion: Holidays and adventure trips helps us deal with the hardships of life and provides a much needed break from the struggles of life. 30 boys were provided a chance to participate in an annual excursion programme.

Mother and Child Care Unit

Throughout the year 2020-2021 altogether 14 mothers & 14 children have been supported through the project.


Education: 6 children have attended tuition class in MCCU on regular basis. They have learned basics in language, like reciting poem, reading and identifying A-Z, solving puzzles, name of flower, fruits, birds, counting 1,2,3.., etc. These have helped the children in their early childhood education.

Recreational Rights: Throughout the year, 28 recreational activities have been conducted in MCCU. These include participation of mothers and children in various festivals such as Durga Puja, Laxmi Puja, Diwali, World Environment Day, Children’s Day, Teachers Day celebration, Ratha Yatra, Janmasthami (Birthday celebration of Lord Krishna), Paush Parban, Christmas Day etc.

Accessing Government Schemes: During the year none of the children and mother has been linked with any social entitlements due to prolong lockdown for COVID 19. However 6 mothers have been sensitised about the sensitized on different topics such as Job-card, Indira Awas Yojna and Below Poverty Line card.

Overall Growth: Improved educational level, psychological & emotional status, physical health status and extra-curricular skills of the mothers and children.

 Success Stories

Jaitun Nisha: Jaitun Nisha is 27 years old and mothers of one son and two daughters. After their placement in MCCU it has been found that the younger daughter was suffering from poor growth and the mother is low weight. They have immediately provided with nutrition and health treatment support to identify the gap and plan accordingly. Currently Jaitun Nisha is staying in MCCU with her two daughters. Her younger daughter has gained weight and acquired age appropriate height and weight. Her elder daughter have learned basics in language and counting and acquired co-curricular skills as per her age. Interaction has also been conducted between Jaitun and her son who is in Punarjiban Home at present and he is planning to be restored to her mother.

Puja Bhakta: 25 years old Puja Bhakta was rescued by Park Street Police from J.L Nehru Road and Park Street Crossing. She was loitering in the road aimlessly and alone. After lodging a General Diary she was placed in Mother and Child Care Unit. Constant counselling support and medications also help Puja to take wise decision for herself and she wanted to go back to her parent and start living peacefully with her children. As per her best interest and consent Puja was restored to her father in Thakurpukur. Presently, she is working as a caregiver in a family at Thakurpukur & earns Rs. 10000/- monthly. She is also taking responsibility for her two children & capable to managing herself & her children.

Crisis Intervention Center (Male)

37 boys of the age group 6-18 years have been supported through shelter, education, nutrition and health care for their holistic development.


Education: 13 in house boys out of 16 are studying in Formal school. After being placed in CIC male during the first 15 days boys have been provided with non-formal education under guidance of professional private tutor. This year due to COVID pandemic boys in CIC Male have been attended online classes conducted by the school.

Recreational Rights: 267 recreational activities had been conducted during the year. All 26 boys have been participated in playing with foreign volunteer, participating in birthday celebration, celebration, celebrating Independence Day, participating in celebration on Father`s day , World Environmental day Rakhi Bandhan, Diwali, Christmas etc.

Accessing Government Schemes: Boys have received ration cards, AADHAR cards, opened accounts in national banks; families have received Swasthya Sathi cards, ration and monetary help from DON BOSCO.

Overall Growth: Improved educational level, psychological & emotional status, physical health status and extra-curricular skills of the children.

 Success Stories

Hardik: Hardik is a eight years old lost child and rescued by Sealdah police and placed in CIC Male. After his admission in CIC Male he was given immediate medical intervention where it was diagnosed that he has a hole in his ear drum. After repeated counseling session for identifying his address once he revealed the place by explaining the surrounding of that place. He has been restored back in family in Malda district of West Bengal. He is also confident to continue his education and want to do job some day to support his family.

Rishav: Rishav is a seven years old child placed in Crisis Intervention Centre (Male) for his protection. After his admission in CIC Male he was admitted in local government school named “Kolabagan Primary School” to ensure his right to education. He has been restored back in family in Guma North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. He is also confident to continue his education and want to do job some day to support his mother.

Crisis Intervention Center (Female)

23 girls of age group of 6-18 years have been provided support of which 14 girls in need of care and protection are currently staying in crisis, 7 girls staying with their families are receiving home based supports and 2 girls have been stop taking support from the project as per the consent of their families.


Education: 17 girls have received formal education based on their age, last academic achievement and their intelligence level. 4 girls of above 14 years old have attended vocational classes o stitching and arts and crafts on weekly basis.

Recreational Rights: During the year altogether 54 recreational activities conducted for the children to keep them engaged in different activities and also to emphasize their overall development. Altogether 191 co curricular classes have been conducted for the girls in CIC female which includes classes of drawing, dance and arts and crafts. Also, this year 11 girls attended taekwondo classes on weekly basis through virtual mode.

Accessing Government Schemes: Savings Bank Account of 2 girls has been opened, Family of 1 Home based girl received Digital Ration Card under Khadya Sathi Scheme, 1 Child with special need Disability Certificate and Identity Card accordingly issued by the Commission (Disability), Government of West Bengal, 1 girl is linked with Swasthya Sathi Scheme (Medical Insurance to avail free treatment) along with her father, 1 girl received Digital Ration Card to avail the facility of free ration from the respective Government Authority and 1 family of home based child has been enlisted in Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna Scheme.

Overall Growth: Improved educational level, psychological & emotional status, physical health and extra-curricular skills.

 Success Stories

Nyssa: 15 years old Nyssa was sexually abused by the neighbour in absence of her mother in home. After Nyssa was brought to CIC Female, she was kept under constant supervision and treatment. Counselling sessions helped her deal with the trauma and she started developing her self esteem and confidence. Following this, Nyssa had shared that she wants to be enrolled in school and wants to do something productive with her life.

Suhana Khatun: 12 years old Suhana grew up watching incidents of domestic violence, poverty, lack of knowledge, lack of exposure to resources. While living on the streets Suhana along with her sister were identified and brought to CIC Female. She has restarted her education from her earlier school and her mother is provided with financial support and need based educational support have been providing so that no obstacles comes to fulfill her dream to do higher studies.